Hands-free updates for CiviCRM and Drupal



  • 1 Drupal site with CiviCRM
  • Hands-free security updates for:
    • CiviCRM
    • Drupal Core
    • 100+ of the most popular contrib modules
  • Automated daily backups
  • SSH, Drush and Git access
  • Free SSL encryption

We offer what we believe is the most powerful, versatile, secure and efficient CiviCRM hosting service around.

Our service includes 100% hands free security updates for CiviCRM, Drupal Core and more than 100 of the most popular Drupal contrib modules.

You don't have to lift a finger: with our Aegir-based hosting technology and our team of experts, we'll make sure everything is always up-to-date.

Your Drupal+CiviCRM site will be hosted on its own virtual private server, for optimal performance and security.

The server itself is also fully managed by our team. No sysadmins needed! Since it's your own virtual machine, you'll still have FTP, SSH and Drush access.

Your server comes with daily backups. If you want a backup restore, drop us a line and we'll do it for free.

Every CiviCRM VPS is SSL ready. Every one-year subscription also comes with a free SSL certificate.

If your CiviCRM has less than 10 000 contacts, we'll import it for free (if it's more than that, please contact us for a quote).

Our servers are located in Montreal, Canada. All our prices are in Canadian dollars.