Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in scenic Montreal, Quebec, and fall under Canadian jurisdiction.

Are your Drupal installations really automated, or do I still have to go through part of the installation process?

Our site installations are 100% automated. Just click on the order button and wait a few minutes for the "Your site has been created" email, which will take you to your brand new, ready to use website.

Are your Drupal security updates automated?

Not quite, as we like to keep an eye on things. But the end result is the same, you don't need to click on anything: it's all taken care of. You never need to think about a security update ever again.

I have a MiniVPS. If I download and add modules myself, will they be updated automatically?

You can download and add modules or themes to your site's folders, but updating them will be your responsibility. That said, if you feel a module would make a good addition to a distribution, just drop us a line: as long as there are no incompatibilities or conflicts, we're very likely to add it.

If you have dozens of modules and/or you're developing your own distribution, then it might be time to level up to your own AegirVPS.

I have Drupal hosting clients but I'd like to avoid the technical stuff. Can you help?

You bet. We can work in the background, take care of the hosting and security updates, as well as answer any hosting-related support questions your clients might have. If you'd like to know more, drop us a line.

I'd like an AegirVPs but I want it installed on my own servers. Is that possible?

Absolutely. We can easily install an AegirVPS on your servers, and take care of your Aegir/Drupal updates.

I maintain my own Drupal distribution and I'd like to run it on my AegirVPS. Can I still get automated security updates?

No problem. As long as you update your distribution on drupal.org or your git repo, we can take care of the updates.

Praxis Labs Coop: who are you guys?

We're a worker's cooperative based in Montreal. We've been working with Drupal and Aegir for many, many years. We do consulting and hosting. Here's our website if you'd like to know more: praxis.coop

My question isn't on this list. Where can I send it?

You can write to us at info@praxis.coop or use our handy contact form.