Server access and hands-free updates


Available distributions:

Available distributions:

Available distributions:

Available distributions:


  • 1 production website
  • 1 development website
  • Fully automated install
  • Fully managed security updates for ever module, theme and library on our platforms
  • Fully automated daily backups
  • Access: Drupal admin, SSH/SFTP, Drush, Git
  • Free SSL encryption (Let's Encrypt)

If you want a pre-installed, fully configurable Drupal website with server access and hands-free security updates, then our MiniVPS is for you.

Choose a flavour from our Drupal platforms, and get your fully installed production site, plus one fully-installed development site. No need to download anything, set up databases, or play with php files. It just works.

As a bonus, all the Drupal security updates on our platforms are fully managed. Thanks to our expertise with the Aegir hosting technology, you can enjoy a complete hands-free security experience. There's not a single button to push.

With a MiniVPS, you'll also get SSH, Drush and Git access, and complete control over your site's folders. Add all the modules, themes and libraries you want. While these won't be updated automatically, but if you find a cool new module let us know and we'll probably include it in our next update. (Or check out our full AegirVPS if you'd like us to manage your own custom platform).

All the sysadmin work on your server is also taken care of: maintaining packages, monitoring, and making sure everything runs smoothly. All you'll ever need to think about is the best way to customize your Drupal site.

With a MiniVPS you get the best of both worlds: a fully managed server with fully installed, fully automated Drupal websites, and the full customization power of our favorite CMS. It's the Goldilocks of Drupal hosting.

(Already have a Drupal website, and want us to take the security updates off your hands? Just drop us a line and we'll import it for free.)

* All our prices are in Canadian dollars.