Single Site

If you want the easiest Drupal experience around


Available distributions:


  • 1 production website
  • Fully automated install
  • Fully managed distribution updates
  • Fully automated daily backups
  • Free SSL encryption (Let's Encrypt)
  • Access: Drupal admin
  • Available platform:
    • OpenOutreach

Drupal is powerful. And like all powerful tools, Drupal tends to be high-maintenance. The install process is a little involved. The frequent security updates can be nerve-wracking.

Lots of people promise "easy" Drupal hosting... but dig a little, and you might find they leave you with most of the heavy lifting.

Thanks to our expertise with the Aegir hosting technology, we can offer you what we believe is the easiest Drupal experience around: a fully installed, pre-configured (yet customizable) website, with fully managed security updates. It runs quick, too.

Because our single-site service uses Drupal distributions, you get a pre-built, fully working website. Just add content and go.

There's nothing to download, no database for you to set up, no php files to tweak. We take care of the full installation process.

And because life's too short to worry about security updates, your site also comes with fully managed, hands-free update management. As Drupal security announcements come out (usually once a week), we'll take care of updating your modules for you. You won't need to push a single button.

If you want the power of a Drupal website without the hassle, this is it.

* All our prices are in Canadian dollars.